Factory tour


With the desire to help student improve their practical knowledge, closely exchange and interact with enterprise, as well as orient their future career, Acecook Vietnam JSC officially launched Factory Tour Program since August, 2013. The program is tailored for students. The Factory tour will bring you a clear view of production process in the most modern noodles factory in South East Asia. What’s more, you will be able to get practical experience, exchange and closely interact with the company.

Factory tour program:

- Part 1:

        + Introduce a short history of Acecook Vietnam JSC

        + Show a video clip about Acecook Vietnam JSC

- Part 2: Take a tour around Acecook Vietnam noodles factory 

- Part 3: Sample delicious products of Acecook

- Part 4: Q&A

- Part 5: Offer souvenir gift and take picture with visitors



For booking visit tour, please kindly contact with Mr. Thanh Hai (Export Marketing Team) and fill in registration form 

Tel: (083) 8154064 – Ext: 2410 Mr. Thanh Hải

Email: hai.tv@acecookvietnam.com