Sponsor for Ballroom Dance Gala in Leipzig – Germany

Posted on 25/11/2013 | Category   Event

Ballroom Dance Gala is really an opportunity for more than 300 inviduals, organizers within Vietnamese community in Germany to meet each other. On the occasion of coming New Year, as well as for the love of art, and the unity of Vietnamese community across the country, the Gala is hold in Leipzig which occupies the largest Vietnamese group in Germany on December 12th 2013.

Ballroom dancing is more and more favourite in Vietnam and overseas. Ballroom dancing keeps not only dancers’ body lissome and shape, but also their mind agile and lively, their health perfect as well.

Thus, Oh Ricey – the high quality brand of pure and resilient rice noodles, rice vermicelli takes pride in being a sponsor for the Gala. 

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