Since its inception in 1995, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has been developing dramatically and becomes a leading manufacturer of foodstuffs in Vietnam. Acecook Vietnam, attained a strong position in the market while providing instant processed products with high quality and nutritional values.

With our slogan "Symbol of quality", in recent years, Acecook Vietnam always considers the product quality, food safety and nutrition the most important factors in our business strategy. All products are rigorously tested through each stage in order to provide our consumers with high-quality nutritional products.

Our goal is to become one of the world leading manufacturers of instant noodles and processed foodstuffs; to achieve such a goal, Acecook Vietnam JSC is committed to extensively research for new products meeting strict criteria of nutrition, food safety and reflecting not only Vietnamese cuisine- a cultural feature of Vietnam but also culinary delights of countries around the world, while capturing every opportunity to introduce new consumption concept to consumers all over the world.

  • Provide high quality and safe products to best meet the demands of consumers.

    Ensure company management, policy compliance, targets, as well as information disclosure being smoothly and fully implemented.

    Intense competition for price and attain a strong position in the world’s market

    Acecook Vietnam JSC.

  • To become a leading manufacturer of foodstuffs in Vietnam whose management ability is commensurate with globalization.

    To bring new culinary consumption concepts to local and foreign consumers through supplying high quality products.

    - Satisfy consumers’ demands.

    - Bring happy life and substainable growth to employees.

    - Attain a strong position and supports in over the world.

    Acecook Vietnam JSC.


Acecook Vietnam has achieved impressive results throughout its development. Its products are trusted by both local and foreign consumers. For many consecutive years, Acecook Vietnam is appraised as a leading producer of instant food in Vietnam with prestigious awards from government agencies and departments, the media, and consumers.

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  • international network

    In an attempt and effort to become a link to global area of foods and beverage.

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  • factories

    Our goal is to become one of the world leading manufacturers of instant noodles.

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  • Titles & Award

    Acecook Vietnam has

    achieved many titles

    and awards from Government.

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Our commitment to consumer's health

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